Amanda Carrington is the youngest child of Blake Carrington and Alexis Colby. Like Adam, she wasn't brought up in the Carrington family. When Blake sent Alexis away from Denver for infidelity, after the divorce, she found out she was pregnant and kept Amanda hidden with her cousin in England. Amanda came to Denver when Alexis was in jail under suspicion of murdering Krystle Carrington's first husband, Mark Jennings.

When Amanda came to Denver, she was immediately attracted to her mother's fiance, Dex Dexter. Amanda became close to the Carringtons, especially Blake, who saw her as a replacement for the presumed dead Fallon. They were both happy when the test results proved Amanda to be Blake's daughter. Amanda resented her mother for keeping this a secret. Before Alexis married Dex, Amanda spent the night with him, and lost her virginity. But he was in love with Alexis and married her, keeping what happened between him and Amanda a secret. Though Amanda tried not to show it, she was heartbroken as Dex was her first love.

Trying to forget Dex, Amanda became involved with Prince Michael of Moldavia and accepted to be his princess. The royal wedding in Moldavia ended in a massacre when revolutionaries attacked. The marriage between Amanda and Prince Michael was not a happy one though Amanda convinced herself she was in love with him. But they just didn't belong together.

Amanda found comfort in bed with Dex, the only man she wanted to be with. But Alexis found her husband in bed with her daughter and was shattered. She disowned Amanda and divorced Dex. Amanda was now motherless and even her father Blake couldn't get through to his daughter. Dex left Amanda because he wasn't in love. Amanda felt no one cares and was loosing control over her life.