Brady Lloyd, Dominique Deveraux's husband and a strong supporter in her singing career, appears in the Carrington world in the moment when Dominique has already came to Denver willing to have the real truth revealed - that she is in blood-relation with the rich Denver family, since her mother Laura gave birth to her out of wedlock with Blake's father, Tom Carrington.

Brady positions himself quite reserved in respect to the Carringtons and begins to feel burdened by his wife's past with that family and by her wish to continue her singing career in Denver, being aware such wish of hers hidden, at the bottom of it, her need to get closer with her brother Blake Carrington. The stronger bonds are between Dominique and Blake, the steeper is the downfall of her marriage to Brady.

Brady refuses Alexis Colby's wooing to sell his wife's stock to her so as to enable Alexis to take control over Dominique, but he decided nevertheless to file for a divorce, not wanting to get involved into the intrigues and manipulations of the rich and powerful world. Dominique and Brady's marriage comes to an end and they go on their individual ways.