Introduced in That Holiday Spirit, Daniel Reece is a successful, worldly businessman, with interests in horse breeding and newspaper publishing. He raises Arabian horses and comes to Denver for an auction where Blake Carrington wants to buy a horse named Allegree for his wife, Krystle.

Daniel knows, when a husband buys expensive presents for his wife, it's a sign their marriage is in trouble, and gets interested in the Carringtons. Daniel and Krystle knew one another from the time he was involved with her sister, Iris and Krystle reveals that he is the biological father of her neice, Sammy Jo Dean. Unfortunately, by the time he was gone, Iris had died and Frank Dean always taught Sammy Jo to be his and not Daniel's daughter.

Knowing Daniel is eager after Krystle's affection more than ever, Blake gets into a fight with him on a plane but, luckily for them, they both survive the plane crash. On the other hand, Krystle woesn't impassive and she began to have a hard time resisting her feelings for Daniel though she continues to blame him for his way of handling Iris's life.

He and his old acquaintance, Dex Dexter, return to their old, secretive activities as veterans of the elite army forces, serving in many interventions in countries around the world. Even so, after one mission Daniel was killed leaving the Delta Rho farm and stables as well as all his wealth to Sammy Jo, whom he met for the first time in New York City, just one or two days before his death.