Diahann Carroll as Dominique Deveraux

Dominique Deveraux


Dynasty, The Reunion

First appearance

"New Lady in Town" (1984)

Last appearance

"Shadow Play" (1987)

Married to

Brady Lloyd (1973-1984)
Nick Kimball (1987-present)


Owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Deveraux Group, Inc.
Owner of Titania Records
40% stockholder in Denver-Carrington
Member of the Board of Directors of Denver-Carrington
Owner of the Excelsior Hotel


Jackie Deveraux


Garrett Boydston
Nick Kimball

&nbsp Dominique Deveraux (born Millie Cox) is Blake Carrington's half-sister, a gorgeous biracial woman, from a relationship Tom Carrington had with her mother Laura Matthews. She's a successful singer and a businesswoman, owner of the music company "Titania Records" and nightclubs around the world.

In the beginning, during Blake's financial crisis caused by Alexis Colby's intrigues, the family was shocked by her presence and they had a hard time accepting her, but Dominique would be of help to Blake many times and eventually proved her loyalty.

While she stayed at "La Mirage" hotel, Dominique got a job there as a solo singer and tried to help Blake financially by managing to disclose Rashid Ahmed's deception and to buy some of "Denver-Carrington" shares. Actually, what she really wanted the most was to establish her family rank - namely, to join the Carrington world regardless of Laura's position, or skin - so, being Brady Lloyd's protegee for the last time, she ends her marriage rather ingloriously and Brady is forced to leave Denver.

Tom Carrington, on his death bed, admits that Dominique is his daughter and she would be the executive of his will, which she shares with Blake and Alexis. Of course, Alexis tried to cause problems for her but did not succeed.

Due to the pipeline deal between Carringtons and the Colbys, Dominique offers to hire Jason's daughter Monica Colby at "Titania Records" and Monica accepts the offer, but its shares were suddenly being bought by Dominique's former lover and Jason's attorney Garrett Boydston whom she hasn't seen in almost twenty years. It is revealed that Garrett and Dominique share a child, Jackie, but their relationship was never legalized because of Garrett's lie about having already been married.

Finally, to help Blake against Alexis and Ben Carrington, Dominique decided to sell "Titania Records" to Zach Powers, and leaves Denver to marry Blake's associate Nick Kimball.

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